Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quick-Hitting Practice Drills

By Andy Lopez, Head Coach Arizona Baseball • For

Looking for a way to improve your team's offense?

Here is a great series of drills and points of consideration that can help your hitters elevate their game and keep them mentally sharp and focused during practice.

HANDS FIRST: You want the feeling of violently pressing or pushing the bat into the strike zone from the side, rather than pulling it through from the back to front. You are keeping your hands inside the pitch making contact at the 2 to 10 locations

BAT SPEED: Will increase from a push or the rear arm and the pull of the front arm. You can push harder than you can pull. Therefore, the top arc gives the strongest force.

VISUAL AID: A fastball out of the hand will come at you in a downward plane. An offspeed pitch will approach you up and out.

CONTROL THE STRIKE ZONE: Slice the zone in during your pre swing period. Raise your sight up for no double play in bases loaded at bats.

HIP ROTATION: Mimic the pitchers action in miniature form.

PURE CONCENTRATION: 18 area suspended over home plate, forget everything else simply concentrate on quality cuts over this 18 area. 100% quality cuts in this area.

By Andy Lopez, Head Coach Arizona Baseball • For

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